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Jean?Clairvoyant (starsister)

User since: Sunday 5 Aug 2007


I am a Spiritual medium, Clairvoyant, Counsellor + Reiki Master. I offer face to face + telephone readings from my home near Coventry, phone 02476545643 or 07817065613. I teach Reiki courses + healing. I also work at Psychic fairs + festivals. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient + clairsentient, meaning I see, hear + feel spirit. I work with Tarot + Angel cards, crystals, colours + flowers, linking with your loved ones in spirit + your spirit guides + helpers. I am a compassionate person + use my counselling skills while doing my readings. I also do Life Path readings, offering Spiritual Guidance to help you find what you really want in life + help you achieve it. Have a Clairvoyant party in your own home. Readings are £25 for half hour, £39 for an hour long Life Path reading or £20 for our new 15 min Value reading. For more details or to book a reading phone 02476545643 or 07817065613 or visit my website: